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FAQ & Contact

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Delve into our FAQs to find clarity on deregulated energy, and discover how ResCom is dedicated to addressing your most pressing queries.

What is retail energy and how does it differ from traditional sources?
Retail energy allows residents and businesses to select who supplies their power and, often times, what type of energy generation source they prefer.
How does energy deregulation impact my choices as a consumer?

Energy deregulation usually creates a more competitive market and allows residents and businesses to select among multiple options for the supply portion of their energy bill.

What makes ResCom Energy stand out among other energy suppliers?

At ResCom Energy we value our relationships with our customers and seek to provide the highest level of service. We want to be your energy partner, not just a supplier. If there’s something you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I benefit from an energy rate lock-in with ResCom Energy?

When you sign a contract with ResCom Energy you have the ability to lock your rate for the selected period of time stated in your plan. This means that your supply charge will not change for the duration of your contract no matter what swings may occur in the energy market.

Are there renewable energy options available with ResCom Energy?

ResCom Energy does offer renewable options! It’s important consumers know that renewable energy options do not necessarily guarantee that the specific electron that arrives at your light switch has come from renewable generation. Renewable plans generally use credits to offset the cost of traditional energy generation such as coal and natural gas.

What are the benefits of making an energy choice with ResCom Energy?

At ResCom Energy, we’re proud to offer ResCom Rewards, a program where all customers earn points simply by being a valued ResCom customer. These points are redeemable for discounts and other benefits.

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Our Location

770 N LaSalle St, Suite 600 | Chicago, Illinois 60654

877-4-RESCOM | (877-473-7266)

Our Location

770 N LaSalle St, Suite 600
Chicago, Illinois 60654
877-4-RESCOM | (877-473-7266)